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I am back from my two weeks biking hiking and walking through Portugal and France. Just wanted to thank you for preparing me to have a healthy and safe vacation. It was fantastic. And I felt strong and capable through at all. Virtually pain-free. Working with you it’s really what a medical collaboration should be. You provide great input, but I’ve got to do my part to make it all come together. Thank you for helping to make it happen. Have a great day.

- Dawn

Prana Functional Manual Therapy

A holistic physical therapy center

Functional Manual Therapy (FMT) is OUR WAY of doing Physical Therapy 
AT PRANA, our physical therapy (PT) is holistic with respect to the ENTIRE BODY no matter where the symptoms show up. We treat the “why”, not just the “what” in YOUR movement system.

Explore. Identify. Treat.

We offer one-on-one Physical Therapy sessions to explore, identify, and treat the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, rather than simply alleviating your symptoms. We take our patients through a detailed and systematic process of identifying:
Mechanical – Neuromuscular – Motor Control Dysfunctions
As Prana physical therapists we apply functional manual therapy to find what is stuck, tight and stiff (“mechanical” muscles, joints, fascia, nerves, etc); we re-train the muscles and your nervous system on how to react and function in the new range gained (“neuro-muscular”); then we educate and train you to maximize your daily activity, passion or sport (“motor control”) with a “machine” that works properly and can be pushed to perform at its best with no limitations!

Why it makes sense.

Whether you are trying to pick up your grandchildren without pain, going after your PR in a race, trying to walk with good balance or trying to dance eight shows a week, etc.
As your highly trained and certified specialists our job to have the skill, knowledge and techniques to find the source of your symptoms or movement problems and treat them effectively in order to promote efficiency in daily life, enhance high-level performance and prevent injuries.
without pain
without limitations
without stress and strain to your body

Our Focus

As our focus is on the physical, we are dedicated to acknowledging the effects of mental, emotional and spiritual stresses to the body.
Your goals are our goals. This requires a team approach between therapist and patient…and a little bit of fun!

Prana Functional Manual Therapy

Physical Therapy for Injuries

Performance Enhancement

Prevention/“Body Tuning”

Functional Manual Therapy

Functional Manual Therapy® is an approach to patient care coined and developed by Gregory and Vicky Johnson in the early 1990’s.

We are unique in that we do not have any physical therapy assistants on staff; we provide all our patients direct contact with a licensed physical therapist for personalized, one-on-one treatment sessions

The Prana Team

Dawn is a CFMT (certified functional manual therapist), which means she is only one of 4 in Pennsylvania to be certified with this proven, effective system for treatment of a wide spectrum of patients.

Justin, Heather, Charlie, Shannon, Joseph, Sean, and Adam are also very knowledgeable in functional manual therapy as this is Prana's paradigm of treatment.

Natalie can help you with all of your billing questions. And with Lori and Brandy, they can get you scheduled, take your payment and facilitate any logistical questions to get you started.

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