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Meet Heather

Heather Lindsley


Heather Lindsley is a Lancaster County girl who, when it came to searching for the perfect career, found that three was the charm. A 1981 graduate of Ephrata High School, she attended the College of William and Mary. 


After graduating with a degree in Philosophy, Heather took off for the bright lights of NYC for a short stint in retail management with Macy’s. Neither the city life nor the job fit her personality, so she changed gears and accepted a job in healthcare recruitment for the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, NY. There she was introduced to the physical therapy profession and found a career niche that fit like a glove. A move back south to Chapel Hill, NC was the final piece of the puzzle. She was accepted into the UNC Chapel Hill PT program and graduated as a genuine Tar Heel in 1985. 


Heather has worked in various areas of patient care since graduating. She and her family returned to Lancaster in 1997 to be close to family. There, she was fortunate to meet Dawn Cox while working in a local clinic. Inspired by Dawn’s manual treatment paradigm, Heather has taken many courses to hone her manual and clinical thinking skills and has become passionate about nutrition and posture along with treating those with hyper mobility issues, chronic pain, jaw pain, and has most recently been introduced into techniques to stimulate the Vagus Nerve and the Lymphatic system. 


Heather met her future husband, Todd, as he ran cross country workouts around the hockey field where she played field hockey at William and Mary. She continues to stay active by working out early mornings in a local gym, and moving all the time. She has run a couple half marathons and completed her one and only full marathon at age 54. She still pulls on her shoes to stay fit and loves to go for runs with her husband and now grown children, Cooper, Greta, and Lou. 


Heather and Todd live south of Millersville with their 4 dogs. You may find her wearing Carolina Blue (Go Tar Heels!) while puttering in her vegetable and flower gardens, hiking with her pups on local Conservancy trails, cooking up a storm whenever possible, and water or downhill skiing. Now that her kiddos have flown the coop, Heather is looking forward to traveling with Todd to listen to fun live music while dancing.

"I still have periodic pain, but control it well, now, with Advil...correct sitting techniques....and more consciousness about my overall alignment. I’m far stronger and more confident than I was feeling when I came in. Thanks for your compassion and expertise."

"I cannot thank you enough what you did for everything you did for me. I literally feel like a new person and everyday I appreciate not having constant pain in my neck, shoulder and arm."

Meet our Team

Functional Manual Therapy

Functional Manual Therapy® is an approach to patient care coined and developed by Gregory and Vicky Johnson in the early 1990’s.

We are unique in that we do not have any physical therapy assistants on staff; we provide all our patients direct contact with a licensed physical therapist for personalized, one-on-one treatment sessions

Meet our Team

Dawn is a CFMT (certified functional manual therapist), which means she is only one of 4 in Pennsylvania to be certified with this proven, effective system for treatment of a wide spectrum of patients.

Justin, Heather, Charlie, Shannon, Joseph, Sean, and Adam are also very knowledgeable in functional manual therapy as this is Prana's paradigm of treatment.

Natalie can help you with all of your billing questions. And with Lori and Brandy, they can get you scheduled, take your payment and facilitate any logistical questions to get you started.